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About Us:

Why overpay for poles, or wait for a dealer to call you back, when you can get discounted used poles anytime, any day. We are working full time to serve you and our promise to you is what we call the RULE of 4 (15% off if we don’t reply within 4 hours). Slide into our DMs or go old school with a text, email. Damn, send a message with a pigeon if you want. We’ll hook you up. Our staff has over 30 years of pole vaulting experience and expertise for advice on all of your pole vaulting purchases.

Asking price based on length. This is a general guideline, USEDPOLEBRO MSRP

How does letting us sell your pole(s) We can makes your life easier 

Inventory list of used poles and poles we are selling for our friends 

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