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How Does it Work

How does letting us sell your pole(s) makes your life better?

We set up the shipping for you. Don’t worry about freight companies, let us do the work for you.  


All you do is pack up and drop off the pole(s) at shipping company (we provide everything you will need) 

What will this cost
We will buy them

What’s the BRO's commission?

We take a flat fee of $50 per pole or we will set up a percentage based on bulk sales, prior to selling the poles so there will be no question on what you make. We don’t get paid unless we sell the pole(s). Why not let the BROS make you money.


Want to get rid of some poles asap?

Sell it to the BRO’s! We will also buy your poles for cold, hard cash. (We will set shipping up for you or you can drop the poles off. We have people all over that will help you help us, so we can pay you.


(Give us a call and we will discuss your needs or we will send you to someone that can help.)

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