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        You might be asking “Where did you come up with this TOTALLY RAD website and idea?”  Well, that’s an amazing question you have asked. A bunch of bros were hanging around and one of them, the greatest mind of this century said:  “Why buy new when you can buy slightly used?” “Someone should just be selling used poles, Bro!”. THAT’S IT, this great idea began all over a couple cold drinks with my bros. So we came up with this super fun logo with a catchy name and an idea that we think is cool. Why overpay for poles, or wait for a dealer to call you back, when you can get discounted used poles anytime, any day. We are working full time to serve you and our promise to you is what we call the RULE of 4 (15% off if we don’t reply within 4 hours). Slide into our DMs or go old school with a text, email, or even call us. Damn, send a message with a pigeon if you want. We’ll hook you up. Our staff has over 30 years of pole vaulting experience and expertise for advise on all of your pole vaulting purchases.

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