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Renting poles  - No these are not for rent if you want to rent go find some one that does that. We only hook you up with used poles.

Pictures - Its very hard to take pictures of every pole and post them; however, pictures can be requested. We will not sell you junk poles. Any questionable poles will be noted prior to sale and shipping. This can delay shipping, and slow your order down.


Warranty- We do not offer any warranty or insurance at this time. Vaulting poles are sold as is. We do inspect the poles for damage and abuse, and will let you know of any issues. We don't want you to let you know the season is short so we will move fast 


Returns - Pole(s) can be returned within 24 hours of you receiving the poles with UsedPolesBro approval. Sorry, you will have to eat the shipping cost on the bro, but we will do our best to make sure we find you the best deal we can.


Discounts- YES, we will give great discount/extras if you get more poles or are a returning customer. 

Pick up poles - We don't want to deal with people coming in to our warehouse or slowing our staff down with talking. Email us and sometime we will call you if we cant deal with you over the email. We move fast so you can jump high. Why waste hours driving WE WILL SHIP CHEAP, time is money for all of us.


Payments- All forms of money are accepted including ANY APP PAYMENT BUT NO “IOU’s” or the “check in the mail promises.” And yes, we have that annoying fee for processing, BUT WE TAKE ALL KINDS SUCH AS  PayPal, GOOGLE, APPLE CASH and other app payments. This is about a 3.5% fee (This is one of many reason we can offer poles are a low price.) 


Why Used Poles - Because vaulters outgrow poles, companies go out of business, parents buy them for their children and no longer need them. Colleges and High Schools drop the pole-vault program. "THATS SAD BRO". Manufacturers change designs, discontinue failed marketing designs and or pole series’. Clubs try to rent and fail because of a flooded market. Manufacturers/dealers are just slow getting back to you. What every your reason is this is why we offer Get poles now fast and now with out the run around.

New Poles Bro -  You know it true we do sell those too every brand that is made. Let us price you out if you need us to, But get real no one wants new when you can buy slightly used, but if you do let the bros hook up you. PRICES ARE MSPR FOR NEW POLES but the Bro TEAM will hook you ups with used poles at cheaper prices. 

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